Pain Management

Neptune Ice® is a safe and effective pain relief gel that helps treat sore muscles, aching joints, and inflammation.

Neptune Ice® features eight (8) ingredients working together to numb pain, reduce inflammation, soothe the skin, and cool you down. Our smooth gel absorbs quickly and starts working immediately. 

5 tubes of Neptune Ice Topical Pain Relief Gel
Use Neptune Ice any time of day, to relieve everyday aches and pains.
Neptune Ice: Pain relief for athletes
Neptune Ice cools you down
Unique blue gel designed for quick absorption
Woman holding Neptune Ice
Todd Gurley focuses during practice
Neptune Ice helps Todd Gurley stay pain-free during practice

The Only True Maximum Strength Over-The-Counter Pain Relief Product

We are the ONLY maximum strength over-the-counter topical pain relief product. Thanks to our experience in pain management, and our trusted network of healthcare professionals, we’re able to offer a superior product that provides relief to the millions of people who suffer from pain every day. Keep moving and stay active with Neptune Ice®! 

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