Clinically Proven, Todd Gurley Approved

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Four Active Ingredients

You don't like sitting on the sidelines. You never have. But your body has ideas of its own. Don't fall for products that try to trick your brain with heavy alcohols or menthol-only formulas. To get faster and more complete relief, you need the pain relief gel with more active ingredients than any other over-the-counter topical pain relief product. No fillers. No unnecessary ingredients.

Lidocaine 4% for fast relief when you need it. Attack pain where it hurts.
Menthol 1% for a cooling sensation without the overwhelming scent.
Camphor 3% to help reduce both pain and inflammation. 
Dimethicone 3% to create a smooth gel and keep your skin feeling fresh.

No need to wash your hands! Neptune Ice features a hands-free applicator for quick relief.

"As a football player, any chance to heal my body faster is important to my game. Neptune Ice allows me to do this. I just let it work its magic and I'm ready to get back in the weight room or on the field."

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