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Have Fun This Summer

Have Fun This Summer

It doesn't matter where you live or what you're looking for, there's always fun to be had outdoors during the summer months.

Some of us prefer to lay by a pool or beach. Others would rather intensify their summer with sweat. There's no wrong way to enjoy it!

Find a trail or take a walk. Google always comes in handy when looking for something local. here’s a concrete or dirt path nearby. Not only will this get the heart pumping but beautiful Mother Nature adds therapeutic qualities as well. Explore somewhere new, or somewhere hidden.

Float a river! Purchase a quality tube and let the water carry you away. Don’t settle for the cheap tubes. When you’re floating down a river on a tube, it's very important to maintain your float. Some duct tape and an adult beverage or two never hurts either. As always, stay safe and wear a life jacket.

Looking to spend 4 hours chasing a little white ball? Grab your clubs and hit the links. With good friends and acres of open land, there’s worse ways to lose half your day. Don't keep score and you might even enjoy it a whole lot more!

These are just a few examples of the many things we can do this summer. Whatever it is you choose, please remember to stay safe and have fun!

And if you need something else to get you in the mood, we'll let DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince give their presentation...

Safe & Effective Pain Relief

Safe & Effective Pain Relief

The options for pain relief are endless. With so many choices available, consumers look at two things -- safety and value.

Knowledge and time have been our friends, and as time has passed, we've been able to gather more information and facts about pain relief.

While prescription-based opioids (morphine, oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, etc.) do help in relieving pain, they do it by attaching to receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract. Side effects are dangerous -- addiction, dependency, and overdose.

The question becomes, is the risk worth the reward? For consumers these days, the answer is no.

Topical medications are safe and effective alternatives to opioids. The FDA recognizes certain ingredients as GRASE (Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective). These include Lidocaine and Dimethicone, as well as natural ingredients like Menthol, Camphor, Arnica Flower, Boswellia Serrata, MSM, and Organic Aloe. 

Multiple prescriptions can start to add up. With eight ingredients that help with pain and inflammation, a 3oz tube of Neptune Ice can last you 15 days for $15. 

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Dance to Build Your Bones

Dance to Build Your Bones


According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, high-impact weight-bearing exercises help build bones and keep them strong.  Number one on their list? Dancing!

Believe it or not, bone is living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Osteogenic loading, or the term used to describe any activity that is weight-bearing, has the capacity to build bone mass. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “activities that put stress on bones stimulate extra deposits of calcium and nudge bone-forming cells into action. The tugging and pushing on bone that occurs during high-impact activity provides the stress. The result is stronger, denser bones.” ..who knew!

So that means weight-bearing activities like running, jumping, and dancing, all help stimulate bone growth.

But just one active dance session isn’t enough. In order for osteogenic loading to have an impact (yes pun intended), you’ll need to exercise regularly, which at times can require motivation. Try finding a fun activity that makes you jump or uses gravity against your body in the workout. For example, other forms of exercise that are highly osteogenic include 80’s aerobics, basketball, tennis, jump rope, and even hiking.

Dancing, however, is just more fun.  Not only does it help improve your strength and flexibility, but if done safely, such as in the private confinement of your own home (*hint hint*), it can help keep your muscles and joints healthy. So grab those headphones or turn up that speaker and start practicing your moves!