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Hiking in the City

Hiking in the City

Living in a major metropolitan city doesn’t mean you need to eliminate hiking from your choice of hobbies.

Whether it’s a local walking tour of San Francisco, an escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, or the forested trails outside of Atlanta, you’re sure to find an adventure waiting for you.

San Francisco

While there are plenty of parks and rolling hills in the Bay Area, we put it on this list for the exercise and heart rate you can experience just by walking around the concrete jungle within ‘The City.’

Start at the Golden Gate Bridge, head east to Fisherman’s Wharf, down to Coit Tower, over to the Transamerica Pyramid, and finish at Union Square. That’s if you think you can make it. It’s not for the faint of heart…

Los Angeles

Known for its glitz and glamour, Los Angeles is also surround by the Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Joshua Tree National Forests.

Or if you’re looking for something totally unique, hike up to the Hollywood sign! It’s fun for the entire family, with a great view.


If you’re in Atlanta proper (or in Athens visiting Todd’s alma mater), you’re not too far from Coosa Valley at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains.

If you’re looking for something more in the city, it’s still a beautiful area for you to enjoy with several trails and parks to choose from. And if you happen to sprain an ankle, contact the nearest location of East Georgia Regional Medical Center.

Learning from Dad

Learning from Dad

It's human nature to want to quit or stop before reaching the finish line. That goes for anything in life, including (and especially) chores assigned by dad. When you start something, you better complete it. And it better be done with thought, care, and effort. Words that were taught at a young age.

One of the first jobs that I was able to help my father with was washing the car. Growing up, keeping the family cars clean was always a weekend project at home. I'll never forget the first time he inspected the vehicle, after I thought it was "done." I was proud of myself, to be quite honest. Instead, he opens up each door with disappointment and disgust. In my house, a washed car wasn't a clean car until the ENTIRE car was clean. I learned quickly that also includes the water and dust collected between the doors.

Even though I remember thinking he was crazy and looking for any excuse he could find, that conversation in the driveway has stayed with me for two decades. 

Wiping down the door jambs, an often overlooked part of the vehicle, is important to keeping your car in good condition. I'd recommend using someone else's towels the first couple times. If you've been ignoring them, they're filthy. Trust me. I notice them nearly every time I jump in someone else's passenger seat.

Wow... just like that, before we know it, we turn into our fathers. And the younger generation looks up at us like we're some crazy, grumpy old men. Really, we're just finally starting to realize that maybe dad was right all along. Now if only these darn millennials would start listening.

BOGO for Father's Day Weekend

Staying Active

Staying Active

I think it all started as a youngster with the neighborhood kids and my older brother. We played for fun, but I always had to earn my keep. As the young, skinny kid, I was able to fit in by being good at pickle and baseball. If physicality entered the picture, effort would only get me so far before I’d get run over.

We were poor, so we never left the neighborhood. My only source of transportation was the 3 speed bike I was given by a friend. It’s crazy to think back now about that bike turning into a life long love affair with the open road. But I’ll save that for another day.

The bike helped me discover the skating rink. That’s where I learned how to skate, dancing and listening to Motown music during WTLC Skate Night.

From that point on, you could most likely find me anywhere with dancing or music. That typically meant a bar, which helped bring back that competitive spark – with darts. I was hooked the first moment I discovered it. I practiced 2 hours a night on doubles, triples, and 01 games. I made a lot money playing blind draws around the city. At one point, I was even Top 15 in the Midwest. My secret was going to the bowling alley a night before darts and using a 16-pound ball.

After my divorce, I started to date again and that’s when I learned about whitewater rafting. Again, I never traveled growing up so activities like that were foreign to me. But then I went to New River in West Virginia and was immediately hooked!

I’ve had many memorable trips ever since. There’s the time I was the lone man left after flipping with two Marines and our guide. I haven’t felt that heroic before or since, lifting two Marines and a guide out the rapids.

Whitewater rafting takes you to some beautiful parts of our country. In the mountains is where I started hiking and when I discovered cave exploring, zip-lining, parasailing, and so much more.

Once you discover the Appalachian Mountains, then you want to discover the Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Redwoods, and anywhere else you can find on Google.

I got started later in life, but I haven’t stopped since.

We have one life to live, fulfill it to the fullest and you will be proud of yourself at the end of your journey. Enjoy and appreciate what the world gives you today.