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Have Fun This Summer

Have Fun This Summer

It doesn't matter where you live or what you're looking for, there's always fun to be had outdoors during the summer months.

Some of us prefer to lay by a pool or beach. Others would rather intensify their summer with sweat. There's no wrong way to enjoy it!

Find a trail or take a walk. Google always comes in handy when looking for something local. here’s a concrete or dirt path nearby. Not only will this get the heart pumping but beautiful Mother Nature adds therapeutic qualities as well. Explore somewhere new, or somewhere hidden.

Float a river! Purchase a quality tube and let the water carry you away. Don’t settle for the cheap tubes. When you’re floating down a river on a tube, it's very important to maintain your float. Some duct tape and an adult beverage or two never hurts either. As always, stay safe and wear a life jacket.

Looking to spend 4 hours chasing a little white ball? Grab your clubs and hit the links. With good friends and acres of open land, there’s worse ways to lose half your day. Don't keep score and you might even enjoy it a whole lot more!

These are just a few examples of the many things we can do this summer. Whatever it is you choose, please remember to stay safe and have fun!

And if you need something else to get you in the mood, we'll let DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince give their presentation...


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