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Neptune Ice pain relief gel with hands-free applicator

How Four Active Ingredients Do More to Relieve Your Pain

Why does Neptune Ice deliver out-of-this-world pain relief? Because it’s like no other pain relief formula in the world. Neptune Ice is the only topical pain relief product with four active ingredients: lidocaine, menthol, camphor, and dimethicone. Most products just have one or two!

But Neptune Ice isn’t better than other products just because it has more active ingredients. It’s better because all four of our active ingredients work together to create a better pain relief experience for you. How do they do that, exactly? Let’s break it down:

Lidocaine (4%)

As a local anesthetic numbing agent, lidocaine puts your pain to sleep — fast. It relieves and numbs the sensation of pain by blocking signals to nerve endings in the body, which helps stop itching, burning, and skin pain of all kinds. You’ll find it in a handful of leading pain relief products in a 4% concentration, usually alongside one other ingredient; such as an antibacterial like benzyl alcohol, or a coolant like menthol. Neptune Ice adds three more.

Menthol (1%)

Naturally sourced from mint, menthol is all about cooling things down. It’s a local anesthetic and counterirritant that produces a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. In large quantities, menthol has a strong smell, and in our opinion, other pain relief products use too much of it. You’ll find other products using as much as 10% menthol, but Neptune Ice only uses 1%, for gentle cooling without heavy odor. The light scent will leave you feeling fresh, not overpowered.

Camphor (3%)

A natural tree oil used as a folk remedy for centuries, camphor is a counterirritant that increases blood flow and stimulates nerve endings. When put on gently, it produces a cooling sensation, which works alongside the menthol in Neptune Ice. Only a few leading pain relief products use camphor, and Neptune Ice is the only formula available that combines camphor with lidocaine and menthol.

Dimethicone (3%)

A skin protectant and moisturizer, dimethicone bonds the ingredients of Neptune Ice together and helps them stay on your skin for longer periods of healing. Neptune Ice is the only pain relief product that lists dimethicone as an active ingredient, helping protect your skin against irritation and dryness in a cool, blue gel.

You’re an active person, and you don’t have time to slow down to for pain. You just want to do more. Isn’t it time for a pain relief product that does more, too?

Order Neptune Ice today. The only pain relief with four active ingredients, for active people.

For more information on our ingredients, download our white paper.


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