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Summer Recreation

How to Extend Your Summer

Mid to late August, or about the time we start seeing school buses and retail shops full of back to school sales, we are reminded that our long summer days are coming to an end. But they don’t have to. Summer isn’t really over if you don’t want it to be.

The definition of summer is technically defined by a warm-weather pattern that extends from June through August to bring us long and hot sunny days. But in actuality, summer to most of us is time to get outside, relax, and recreate.  Summertime brings out the best in us, and recreation is a key factor in that.

Recreation such as outdoor hikes, bike rides, summer strolls, or warm water swims, all provide an added benefit to our health and happiness. An active body is healthier when exercise strengthens our muscles and adds a boost of oxygen to our brains. But just because the warm summer days start getting shorter, doesn’t mean we have to end all the benefits that come with it. The following three things are commitments you can make to keep the fun going and extend your summer.

Stay Outdoors

Come September or October, the weather will change, but that doesn’t mean you have to retreat inside. Cooler crisp air is often better for our runs, shorter days mean earlier sunsets, and more rain means healthier lakes, rivers, and soil on the trail. There are benefits to all parts of the different seasons and you should be out there enjoying it. So, put on an extra layer or bring a light on your evening run, but don’t let the weather push you indoors.

 Keep Your Sport

Whether you’re a runner, biker, kayak pro, or you just like your weekly hikes, keep it up! Choose your recreation and enjoy it. You might be surprised to learn that when you stick to your sport throughout different seasons, it will not only be more fun, but it can make you stronger. Recreation shouldn’t be limited to only good weather, so keep at it and enjoy your sport.

 Schedule Your Time

Recreation is all about you, but you need to make time to make it happen.  Changes to a season, including weather or scheduled school commitments can make easy excuses, but if you set a strict schedule and weekly goals to hit, you’ll only thank yourself later. Recreation makes us happy, regardless of changes in life around us, so schedule it in and stay active.

 Whether you’re juggling the kids’ new school activities or are back to working long office hours, know that the happy and healthy feeling you have mid-June through August doesn’t have to wait until next year. With a little commitment and a good attitude, you can keep your outdoor recreation, stay happy, and stay active.


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