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Learning from Dad

Learning from Dad

It's human nature to want to quit or stop before reaching the finish line. That goes for anything in life, including (and especially) chores assigned by dad. When you start something, you better complete it. And it better be done with thought, care, and effort. Words that were taught at a young age.

One of the first jobs that I was able to help my father with was washing the car. Growing up, keeping the family cars clean was always a weekend project at home. I'll never forget the first time he inspected the vehicle, after I thought it was "done." I was proud of myself, to be quite honest. Instead, he opens up each door with disappointment and disgust. In my house, a washed car wasn't a clean car until the ENTIRE car was clean. I learned quickly that also includes the water and dust collected between the doors.

Even though I remember thinking he was crazy and looking for any excuse he could find, that conversation in the driveway has stayed with me for two decades. 

Wiping down the door jambs, an often overlooked part of the vehicle, is important to keeping your car in good condition. I'd recommend using someone else's towels the first couple times. If you've been ignoring them, they're filthy. Trust me. I notice them nearly every time I jump in someone else's passenger seat.

Wow... just like that, before we know it, we turn into our fathers. And the younger generation looks up at us like we're some crazy, grumpy old men. Really, we're just finally starting to realize that maybe dad was right all along. Now if only these darn millennials would start listening.

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