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Mindfulness Is Meditation

Mindfulness Is Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness

Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate? The Mayo Clinic recommends meditation as a practice we can learn to increase our health. Meditation can help control symptoms of certain health conditions such as anxiety, asthma, chronic pain, and depression. Learning to meditate can sound challenging, but did you know that anyone can learn mindfulness? This form of meditation is a simple practice you can do daily.

Reduce your stress levels, improve your attention, and increase your quality of sleep by following these three steps to achieve mindfulness:

Observe the Now

Slow down your thinking of any present, future or past thoughts. Stop planning and worrying, and think for a moment of exactly what you are experiencing NOW. Take in the sights, smells, and sounds of what surrounds you, and observe for a moment just what that is. 

Focus on Your Breath

Take a large, deep slow breath through your nose, counting the seconds in and then out, while feeling the oxygen fill and then empty your lungs. Do this several times, try closing your eyes, and observe how your body relaxes.

Accept Yourself 

Consider the fact that you may be in a situation that you cannot control, or are unhappy with, but the one thing you can do and control is YOU. Tell yourself you are loved and treat yourself as you would a good friend.


You cannot experience peace, quiet, and focus unless you try, so remind yourself daily that there is one thing you can do, and practice that state of mind.


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