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Pain Relief for Moms

Pain relief is not just for athletes. Mothers in particular feel their fair share of pain.

Back pain, along with general aches throughout the body are real, and often debilitating while caring for children.

 The North American Spine Society (NASS) conducted a survey among its 8,000 members and found that being a mother tops the list of careers most harmful to back health. That’s likely not a big surprise to Moms!

 Whether you’re a mom who has another full-time job in addition to raising children, or your days are spent cleaning, cooking and driving kids around, it’s most likely that your back hurts, or is simply a constant nagging pain, along with all other parts of your body.

 Moms are known to “do it all” while bending and twisting and taking on real physical stress. For example, after a long day of doing laundry, picking toys off the ground and carrying groceries, moms often continue on with driving around in their cars, getting toddlers and infants in and out of car seats, pushing a stroller with one hand, all while holding a child in the other, and twisting to watch that the older kids are not running into the street. You know the feeling, especially if you care for little ones. Similar to a training athlete, a mom’s job is just as non-stop as you must continue to make it all happen, and all of this can easily take a toll on your body.

 Well the good news is that pain relief doesn’t have to be as complicated. Enter Neptune Ice, a topical pain relief gel that contains 8 key ingredients to hit the pain where it counts. Our non-sticky, non-messy, easy to apply solution is designed to treat sore muscles for the over-worked and under-appreciated working moms. Once applied it immediately starts to calm sore muscles and bad backs. This stuff works. Don’t believe us? Take it from Shannon, a mom of two:

“I have tried numerous pain relief products to relieve the literal aches and pains of motherhood.  But absolutely nothing has relieved my back pains like Neptune Ice!  I would tell any mother that’s dealing with the physical wear of childbearing that they owe it to themselves to try this product.”

 Neptune Ice features eight distinct ingredients that are clinically proven to work. Lidocaine for numbing; Menthol for cooling; Dimethicone and Organic Aloe for moisturizing and conditioning; Camphor, Arnica, Boswellia, and MSM for all-natural inflammation relief. Combined, it makes for one soothing pain relief gel that truly works!

 We know it’s not easy being a superhero non-stop working mom, and there’s often not anyone around to take care of you, so do yourself a favor and try Neptune Ice today to sooth your pain.

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