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Stories of Pain Relief | Margaret - Truckee, CA

Meet Margaret, 49-year-old long distance runner from Truckee, California. Here's her story...

"While racing parts of the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run, I found myself descending for over 5 miles along the narrow technical single track dirt trail into the canyon of Foresthill, CA. At the time, I knew my quads, calves, and hamstrings were going to be totally spent by the end of this 25K. This trail was tough, and I could feel it. The race elevation guide had shown extreme descents and ascents totaling close to climbing 3500 ft. No joke, this was race had true elevation gain. I can’t even imagine how runners tackle 100 miles on this type of terrain, but luckily all I had to focus on was the 16.5 miles, and that was enough.

Neptune Ice Western States

I started feeling the real aftermaths of my race efforts the next morning. Most runners know that bad muscle aches start the second day after a race. Walking down the numerous stairs I have in my home and outside my home were a huge challenge. I had to hold the railings and 'waddle' back and forth being certain to not put too much weight on one leg. I was in pain and just bending down to sit (you know runners...on the toilet!) was even hard.

I rolled out my muscle, used Trigger Point therapy, and stretched in numerous ways, but it all didn’t relieve the pain.

The best relief for me was using Neptune Ice. The night of my race, I applied Neptune Ice to all parts of my legs. Rubbing it in felt great, and I liked that the gel was not sticky, nor was the smell too strong like many other products. After I treated myself with Neptune Ice, I wore long pajama pants to bed. Immediately, I could feel my muscles begin to relax from the cold therapy the pain relief gel offers.

 In the two days after the race, when the worst pain set in,  Neptune Ice really did the trick to get me moving. Recovery runs are of extreme importance to runners to shake out the aches and pains in the legs from a hard race. I knew I was going to need a lot of help after this 25K, so for the week following the race, all day long, and during my shake out runs the mornings after the race, I applied Neptune Ice to my legs and wore running tights or fleece pants.

 I had read about Neptune Ice and how 'heat increases blood flow, and cold therapy decreases it. This temporary reduction in blood flow is the real key to recovery. It helps prevent inflammation, swelling, and other nerve activity — which quickly eases the muscle, joint, and tendon pain that comes with being active.'

 Neptune Ice does what it says it does and it really helped me. I was back running up and down hills 5 days after this 'brutal' race! Now I tell my running coach and group of runners about Neptune Ice and hope they start using it to aid in recovery. It really is a pain relief gel that works!"



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