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Sunlight & Sleep for Your Immune System

Sunlight & Sleep for Your Immune System

With summertime in full swing, we're looking for "easy" ways to boost our immune system. What better way to start than with sunshine and sleep?

Research and studies have shown that sunlight energizes our T cells, which play an important role in immune response.

Whether you're at the beach, in the mountains, on the river, or wherever your favorite hobby takes you, know that you're helping yourself while you do it!

But as with most things, safely enjoy the sun in moderation. Wear sunscreen and don't overdo it. We're in it for the long haul.

When you do make it back inside, there's another health benefit waiting for you -- sleep!

The NBA (among others) are investing time, money, and resources into the advantages of rest and recovery. 

Our bodies also produce and release cytokines while we sleep. These are proteins that target infection and inflammation. Those are the types of proteins we want to keep around. So instead of watching just one more episode on Netflix, shut it down and go to bed!

For everything in between, you can choose to add vitamins and supplements to your diet or routine. We keep it simple with Flinstones Vitamins, but there are countless options out there to consider. Please be careful and do your research before going all-in.


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