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Why Cold Therapy is Best for Active People

Todd Gurley uses Neptune Ice on leg

Help your muscles repair and stop injuries from flaring up with the power of ice.

Named for the coldest planet in the solar system, Neptune Ice is a cold therapy gel designed to freeze your pain in its tracks.

In the past, you might have used some pain relief products that produce a warming sensation. That can sometimes be useful, as heat increases blood flow by opening your blood vessels, which relaxes sore muscles. But there’s a reason why lots of athletes hop into a freezing cold ice bath after a game. For active people, there’s perhaps nothing better than cold therapy.

How Four Active Ingredients Do More to Relieve Your Pain

Neptune Ice pain relief gel with hands-free applicator

Learn why Neptune Ice is like no other pain relief formula out there.

Why does Neptune Ice deliver out-of-this-world pain relief? Because it’s like no other pain relief formula in the world. Neptune Ice is the only topical pain relief product with four active ingredients: lidocaine, menthol, camphor, and dimethicone. Most products just have one or two!

But Neptune Ice isn’t better than other products just because it has more active ingredients. It’s better because all four of our active ingredients work together to create a better pain relief experience for you. How do they do that, exactly? Let’s break it down: