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Arnica flower pain relief

The Healing Power of Arnica

Athletes are no stranger to pain. Competitive athletes of all backgrounds experience aches and pains from sprained or strained muscles to sports-related injuries such as tendinitis, shin splints, and joint inflammation.

Treatment for sports-related injuries can range from targeted stretches to the use of muscle rollers, to even shots of cortisone that treat inflammation. While some athletes may go with the expensive option of sports therapy for a prescribed treatment, many others are aware of the opportunity to self-treat injuries and pain with the use of Arnica.

 What Is Arnica?

 Arnica Montana is a perennial flowering plant that originated from Europe and Siberia but is now found throughout North America. A popular homeopathic herb, Arnica has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years. You’ll find this ingredient in natural remedies designed to relieve sore, strained or swollen muscles. Listed with different names, you might find it as mountain arnica, mountain tobacco, wolf’s bane, or leopard’s bane.

 Healing Capabilities of Arnica

 Arnica has much to offer as a natural pain reliever, which is why it’s common to see it prescribed to athletes in a topical form that can be directly applied to painful, bruised, or inflamed muscles. Arnica is applied to the skin, where it’s absorbed and quickly goes to work. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, it improves blood circulation and provides natural pain relief. Arnica is one of the best ingredients for both relieving pain as well as providing therapeutic healing at the source of the injury.

 Is Arnica Alone Enough to Relieve Pain?

 Arnica is powerful pain-relieving anti-inflammatory on its own, but the effectiveness is maximized when it’s also combined with other pain-relieving ingredients. A topical pain relief gel such as Neptune Ice contains additional active ingredients of Lidocaine, Menthol, Camphor, MSM, Boswellia, Dimethicone and Organic Aloe that work together with Arnica to stop pain and inflammation, giving your muscles and joints the relief they need.

 As an athlete, you’re constantly pushing the limits of your ability and personal achievements, however that often comes with the pain of muscle strains and injuries. Natural pain relief options like arnica flower that target pain while promoting healing can play an important role in your athletic goals and recovery.


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