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Using Your Dog to Stay Healthy

Using Your Dog to Stay Healthy

Dogs have been around long enough. We won't start a history lesson. Instead, we'll remind you of the little ways a dog can help you get some fresh air and exercise.

Your New Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Routine

Most of us need a good excuse to get exercise. What better excuse than your best friend?

Instead of waking up and opening the door to let your dog out in the yard, throw the leash on and start walking! 

Each day can be a different route. Go left one day, go right the next. Your dog will appreciate the variety. 

More importantly, you'll start to realize the internal benefits within a couple weeks.

Anytime you consider feeding yourself or feeding your dog, go for a walk!

Three times a day will start to add up after three months. Three years later, you'll be surprised with yourself. 

And all it takes is a little change today. So start making your dog even happier and keep walking! Explore your neighborhood, explore your state, explore the country, or explore the globe. 

Whatever you choose, keep your dog close!

Special thanks to our friends at the Houston Dog Walking Club for inspiring this post :)


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