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Todd Gurley uses Neptune Ice on leg

Why Cold Therapy is Best for Active People

Named for the coldest planet in the solar system, Neptune Ice is a cold therapy gel designed to freeze your pain in its tracks.

In the past, you might have used some pain relief products that produce a warming sensation. That can sometimes be useful, as heat increases blood flow by opening your blood vessels, which relaxes sore muscles. But there’s a reason why lots of athletes hop into a freezing cold ice bath after a game. For active people, there’s perhaps nothing better than cold therapy.

While heat increases blood flow, cold therapy decreases it. This temporary reduction in blood flow is the real key to recovery. It helps prevent inflammation, swelling, and other nerve activity — which quickly eases the muscle, joint, and tendon pain that comes with being active.

Ice is the original cold therapy treatment. It reduces blood flow and helps ease pain. Trouble is, when you use ice to heal your pain, you’ve got to sit still for a while. Plus, it tends to melt all over you… and it’s tough to get up and get back out there when your pants have a big wet splotch on ‘em. There’s a time and a place for ice, but it’s not always the most effective cold therapy solution for active people.

Athletes use cold therapy after exercise because the chill helps muscles repair and stops injuries from flaring up. The International Journal of Sports Medicine recently reported that cold therapy reduced muscle pain in 80% of observed studies, and improved athletic recovery and performance in 71%. To help heal his body faster, professional football running back Todd Gurley II is already using Neptune Ice as part of his recovery routine (Link to Todd Gurley Blog Post).

Active people need pain relief that stays with them. With a cold therapy formula and more active ingredients than any other over-the-counter pain relief product available, Neptune Ice will help ease your aches and pains — so you can get back to being active.

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