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Neptune Near You

Neptune Near You

If you've made it this far, there's a good chance you came from one of these locations. There's many more to add and we'll eventually get around to the rest of you. Until then, we appreciate your support and we're looking forward to many more years to come!

If you'd like to add your favorite local provider, please let them know that they contact us for more information. We'll be happy to help. Thank you!


Active Life Physical Medicine & Pain Center Litchfield Park & Surprise


Functional Fitness Visalia

Harrod Chiropractic Whittier

Urgent Orthopaedic Care Los Angeles & North Hollywood


Yampa Valley Medical Center Steamboat Springs


Biscayne Chiropractic Center North Miami Beach


East Georgia Neurology Statesboro

SWEAT Fitness Waycross


Hollis Family Pharmacy Emmett


CustomFit Lombard

Integrity Spine & Joint Center Troy


Fountain Community Healthcare Services Georgetown


Aust Interventional Pain Slidell, Metairie & Thibodaux

Cottonport Corner Drug Cottonport

Elite Chiropractic Walker & Albany


Massumi Associates Towson & Rockville

New York

Emerald Pharmacy Bronx


Amerihealth Chiropractic & Wellness Lewis Center

Hicksville Pharmacy Hicksville

Primary Care Nursing Services Dublin

Stull Chiropractic Kettering


Lower Valley Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Springdale 

Millersburg Pharmacy Millersburg

Reprieve Muscle Therapy & Wellness Dallas

Southern Chester County Pharmacy West Grove

South Carolina

TPC Pharmacy North Charleston


Total Foot Care Memphis


McCombs Physical Therapy Lubbock & Levelland


Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association Richmond


ProCare Chiropractic Clinics Green Bay

The Mediterranean Guide to Healthy Eating

The Mediterranean Guide to Healthy Eating

Diets are here, and they’re not going away anytime soon. There are lists of 100 and best vs. worst.

Each year, an estimated 45 million Americans spend $33 billion on dieting and weight loss.

But what if we told you there was a cheaper/better way, with thousands of years of evidence on its side?

The Mediterranean eating pattern developed organically, with people only eating what was available to them. This meant a steady “diet” of fruits, vegetables, oats, grains, and oils from the land with fish from the sea.

This has been a way of life for them for centuries. Then finally, in the 1950’s, we started paying attention.

Ancel Keys at the University of Minnesota wondered how the population in Southern Italy could be so much healthier than the citizens of New York, even though a lot of those same New York citizens immigrated from Southern Italy.

Then began the “Seven Countries Study” to document the relationship between lifestyle, nutrition, and cardiovascular disease. As it turns out, the Mediterranean region had been doing it right all along!

Dr. Keys labeled it a “diet” because we didn’t know what else to call it. The people who live it every day don’t call it a diet. It’s normal for them. It’s routine. It’s who they are.

So, how do we replicate it for ourselves? It might be easier than you think. One relatively cheap trip the grocery store will have you covered!

Spoiler Alert: You won’t see many added sugars, sodium, processed foods, refined carbs, or saturated fats

Oatmeal, cereal, eggs, whole grain bread, nuts, beans, rice, and pasta, along with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Seriously, that’s all you need. It doesn’t look like much, but the flexibility of each ingredient allows you to spice it up and get creative each day.

Most importantly, it’s high in fiber and low in cholesterol. You’ll feel full and, in the end, improve your overall health. Before you know it, you’ll be healthier than ever!

Combined with exercise, your new eating pattern will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and help you lose weight. And if we’re looking for a “diet,” isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Using Your Dog to Stay Healthy

Using Your Dog to Stay Healthy

Dogs have been around long enough. We won't start a history lesson. Instead, we'll remind you of the little ways a dog can help you get some fresh air and exercise.

Your New Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Routine

Most of us need a good excuse to get exercise. What better excuse than your best friend?

Instead of waking up and opening the door to let your dog out in the yard, throw the leash on and start walking! 

Each day can be a different route. Go left one day, go right the next. Your dog will appreciate the variety. 

More importantly, you'll start to realize the internal benefits within a couple weeks.

Anytime you consider feeding yourself or feeding your dog, go for a walk!

Three times a day will start to add up after three months. Three years later, you'll be surprised with yourself. 

And all it takes is a little change today. So start making your dog even happier and keep walking! Explore your neighborhood, explore your state, explore the country, or explore the globe. 

Whatever you choose, keep your dog close!

Special thanks to our friends at the Houston Dog Walking Club for inspiring this post :)