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Changing the Rules of Golf

Changing the Rules of Golf

We all know the guy… 

Nice clubs, nice gear. Loves to let people know how often he plays or how good he is. Claims to take it seriously and he even "keeps track" of his score. 

But there he is on the first tee, hitting his first shot in the trees -- shaking his head, slapping his thighs. Then his second attempt at a tee shot ends up in the water. Next thing you know, seven additional strokes later, he’s writing down a “5” on his scorecard and he's feeling extra confident about his “bogey.”

Somehow, he’s even able to sleep at night… comfortable and confident with his thoughts about the game of golf. 

Don’t be that guy. 

The next time you play with that guy, and he questions your new outlook on golf, you can tell him to contact Neptune. We’ll take care of the debate for you 😊.

We've even got a name for it -- The Fizzle Method -- named after the original innovator who started it all. That's a long story but imagine if The Dude played golf. It's more of a lifestyle

See, rather than surround yourself with the hypocrisy of a guy who rolls the ball to improve his lie -- mind you, this is still the same guy who also doesn’t count all of his strokes -- you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more by turning the game around on itself

The guy mentioned above already breaks several rules every single hole. Why not go all-in and take it to the next level? The joke will be on him… 

Add +1 to Every Par 

Why stress yourself? Turn that 374 yard Par 4 into a 374 yard Par 5. 

Hit the fairway with your most reliable club. Try to make solid contact with your iron and get somewhere up near the green.

Bad short game? No worries, you gave yourself a stroke in your favor before the hole started! And you did it the honorable way, unlike the other guy. 

Only Putt Once (or not at all) 

Again, why stress yourself? If nothing matters in the first place, give it the ol’ college try and move on. No need to worry about that 5 footer for “bogey”! 

Or, better yet, don’t putt at all.

Seriously. Take the putter out of your bag, give it your neighbor, and go to the course without one. Your short game will improve after a few trips and you’ll never need to worry about the putter throw

Plus, you can try to hit every pin. If it doesn’t fly in, you don’t care when it rolls off the back. Remember, you don’t putt! It’s great. 

Don’t Keep Score (on paper) 

At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious that a score is irrelevant to your afternoon. The difference between you and that guy is that at least you were honest with yourself. 

Have Fun and Enjoy the Exercise! 

But don’t be afraid to make it a game within the game. Play from a shorter set of tees and only use your irons. Try a few different clubs while chipping around the green.

After all, it’s what is most important. No matter what THAT GUY says.

Easy Habits for an Active Lifestyle

Easy Habits for an Active Lifestyle

Whether or not we're in a chair, in bed, or on the front porch, working from your phone and laptop at home isn't how our bodies were designed. 

As we continue to navigate a new normal, we wanted to remind ourselves of a couple different things that'll help us stay active no matter the circumstance

Maintaining Good Posture

Performance Therapies in Iowa did a lot of the heavy lifting for us here. In addition to outlining proper techniques to decrease or avoid the mechanical stresses on your body from poor posture, they've also provided exercises and stretches that'll help break up the monotony of working from home. Examples include:

Starting Your Day With Stretching

Which is a good segue into the next quick way to stay active every day. Stretching! The younger generation will roll their eyes but normal people know just how easy it is to lose flexibility as we age. If only we started loosening up each morning last decade...


Sunlight & Sleep for Your Immune System

Sunlight & Sleep for Your Immune System

With summertime in full swing, we're looking for "easy" ways to boost our immune system. What better way to start than with sunshine and sleep?

Research and studies have shown that sunlight energizes our T cells, which play an important role in immune response.

Whether you're at the beach, in the mountains, on the river, or wherever your favorite hobby takes you, know that you're helping yourself while you do it!

But as with most things, safely enjoy the sun in moderation. Wear sunscreen and don't overdo it. We're in it for the long haul.

When you do make it back inside, there's another health benefit waiting for you -- sleep!

The NBA (among others) are investing time, money, and resources into the advantages of rest and recovery. 

Our bodies also produce and release cytokines while we sleep. These are proteins that target infection and inflammation. Those are the types of proteins we want to keep around. So instead of watching just one more episode on Netflix, shut it down and go to bed!

For everything in between, you can choose to add vitamins and supplements to your diet or routine. We keep it simple with Flinstones Vitamins, but there are countless options out there to consider. Please be careful and do your research before going all-in.