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The Healing Power of Arnica

Arnica flower pain relief

Athletes are no stranger to pain. Competitive athletes of all backgrounds experience aches and pains from sprained or strained muscles to sports-related injuries such as tendinitis, shin splints, and joint inflammation.

Treatment for sports-related injuries can range from targeted stretches to the use of muscle rollers, to even shots of cortisone that treat inflammation. While some athletes may go with the expensive option of sports therapy for a prescribed treatment, many others are aware of the opportunity to self-treat injuries and pain with the use of Arnica.

Setting SMART Goals

SMART goal setting for the athlete
For athletes, there’s a fine line between a mediocre performance and one that pushes you past boundaries and toward success. Goals are what make the difference between the athlete that settles for the middle of the pack and one that achieves their peak performance. As athletes, goals keep us focused and provide us the added edge to push us through the mental and physical challenges of high endurance sports.

The Importance of Recovery

Importance of Recovery

Most athletes understand that recovery is important, especially those who participate in endurance sports. Competitive athletes often find it difficult to stop long enough to give their body the rest and recovery it really needs. However, the experienced athlete knows that recovery is one of the most important elements for strengthening their physical performance.