Mallory S., Scottsdale, AZ

I have a job that requires way too much desk work, and two children under the age 5. After sitting in an office chair all day, it’s a struggle coming home to kids with endless energy. Neptune Ice is a life saver! The applicator comes in handy when you’re chasing little ones around the backyard.

Benton M., Denver, CO

As a daily gym goer, mountain bike lover, and father, I don’t have time to slow down for pain. I put Neptune Ice on in the morning before my day gets started and again when I get home. It keeps me going through it all. And now I’m hooked!

Marty P., Durham, NC

Thanks to a bad car accident and 4 years of college soccer, my back feels decades older than it should. With other products, the heat (or cold) feels neat for 30 seconds... but then I'm left wondering why my back still hurts. Neptune Ice does what it says it will. I'm happy to say I feel my age again!

Ann C., Toledo, OH

When I put on Neptune Ice, I don’t feel anything. That’s exactly how pain relief should be. Oh, and I barely even smell anything! Thank you Neptune!

Sue A., Ann Arbor, MI

I’m glad I found Neptune Ice. I put it on and forget about it. It’s always nice to forget about pain! The sponge cap is a nice bonus.

David E., San Francisco, CA

Neptune Ice doesn't feel or smell like the other products I've used. But it sure does work better!