Neptune Ice

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Neptune Ice is a topical pain relief gel with four active ingredients and the only maximum strength over-the-counter product available.
Lidocaine 4% to hit pain where it hurts. Camphor 3% for inflammation relief. Menthol 1% cools you down. Dimethicone 3% gives you a smooth gel that absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves you feeling fresh.
Four inactive ingredients provide natural pain-relieving properties; Arnica Montana Flower, Boswellia Serrata, MSM, and Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.
Hands-Free Applicator. Paraben-Free.

Customer Reviews

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Gret stuff.

Its easy to apply...not real stinky and works great!!

Good for achy sore muscles after a workout

I made my way back to Martial Arts at 47 years young.. :) so I'm a bit overweight and have bad knees and left shoulder.. I saw the Facebook ad for this product and thought I would give it a try since the other products similar helps but not quite gives the longevity comfort through the night. I wake up with my shoulder screaming at me around 2ish am and I grab for this bottle and it sure seems to quell the throbbing and pain issue and I'm good through morning. I would try and put some on before bed, but I don't want to use it unless necessary.. so only when needed. It's great to use on my knees just after class, it assists with aches that accompanies overuse.. so I'm hoping this will continue to support me while I get myself back into shape! Thanks for a great product and a decent price.

Goes on nicley - fades really quickly

Compared to other icy-hot products doesn't have the staying power compared to others, effects fade quickly.


This was of noticeable benefit to my wife with nerve pain in her foot. Nothing is a miracle cure.

It works!

I was so looking forward to obtaining this product and putting it to the test. I read many reviews and they all seemed positive. I have multiple sites with chronic pain and this medication does help me in regards to relieving my pain for at least four hours. So far, it is working for me and it will work for you, hopefully anyway.